No Longer Home Alone

My Home Alone time is over; the love of my life pulled in a couple of hours ago, tired but fulfilled.  He does like to organize a move.  He said that the kids are well settled in their new home and that already a couple of neighbors had stopped by, one bearing a pot of daffodils, even!  They are in a very family-friendly area of a DC suburb.  Joe says there is a park with a playground just a couple of blocks away, and the boutique shopping and restaurant street is only three blocks away.  I'm so eager to see the house.

Here is Block Eight of the current BOM project.  I don't particularly like this block.  It wasn't as difficult to make as it looks.  I'm proud of staying up to date.

I slept a lot this weekend and drank a lot of juice.  Saturday I ventured out -- I had to pick up my dry cleaning and I wanted to get some storage baskets to put under the new desk in the morning room.  I'd never been to a Home Goods store and had the notion this was the right place to find the baskets.  I was right.  I found them.  And a few other things.

Other than the block above, I didn't do any piecing.  I've been hand-stitching the binding on Sam's birthday quilt and have Caroline's ready to do, too.  And, of course, there is my secret hand-quilting project.  Bonnie came over last night bearing a delicious pizza for dinner.  And there was a good long phone chat with Honna later on.  Laundry and a couple of small domestic projects that had been niggling at me -- relocating Bo's water dish and cleaning out under the bathroom sink.

And that's about it. 


altar ego said…
VERY productive! Impressive, and I'll bet it feels really good to have gotten those things done. The area where your kiddos have moved sounds great. Wonderful!
Nancy I really like that block. I think the color choices you made are excellent and the blend is so cool and soothing. It might not be a difficult block but it looks like it is. :) blessings, marlene