On the Mend

Well, my ambitious plans for Saturday didn't pan out. I didn't even go near those fabrics for Hambone's quilt (yes, that his in utero name). Between sleeping until nearly nine (after going to bed well before eleven) and two one-hour-or-more naps during the day, I'd begun to think I might be turning into a cat!

I did go down and run one load of laundry between sleeps and cut and pieced Chizuru's January block. She'd asked for blue on cream Churn Dash in the nine-inch size. I could handle that.

I came up with a lay-out for those beautiful cool batik star blocks and it requires I make four more. And then there will be the setting blocks. All in good time. All in good time.


*karendianne. said…
Ambitious, I know! What kind of gal goes sideways, off the reservation like that. What kind of woman goes and gets ambitious after the crud? I'm just sayin'... I can hardly say more except, well I love this post and the pretty block so I can't be quiet about that. Then of course I think HAMBONE, rocks! Early morning smile gettin' is what that got and oh my you have to make for more cool batik star blocks. Well, yeah, all in good time.

This was a very fun post for "over coffee."

Frozenly and with much chattyness, *karendianne.
altar ego said…
True, all in good time. A little as you are able is a good recovery strategy. Keep plugging there, girl and before you know it you'll be off the mend!
AnnieO said…
I had a similar knockdown drag out fight with a cold like that in November. It was maddening not to be able to stay upright for very long! Hope you're mending well from all this rest.

Very pretty Churndash block--that's one of my all time favorite old fashioned blocks!
Pat said…
HA HA! Hambone -- I love it!!!!! My dad christened Andy "Horatio" in utero, and we used it again when I was preggers with Kate. I like hambone better!!

Glad you are on the mend : )
Brenda said…
Man, you're good! I would have stayed in bed until Monday... and then decided whether or not I was "fit" to go to work...hahaha! Piecing? I think not! have you ever noticed how cats rarely get sick? The secret is in the amt of time they spend sleeping. You can learn a lot from pets, LOL!
Glad to read you're feeling better. You'll be back to your overachieving self soon, hang in there! B=)
Shasta Matova said…
I'm glad you are feeling better. You do have some ambitious plans, which I fully understand. My plans far exceed my capabilities, but without them, I wouldn't get nearly as much done.
Micki said…
That's a beautiful block and I am sure that you will get the inspiration to make more blocks!