Getting Better

Slowly, slowly, I'm getting better.  Stayed home from work on Monday and didn't sleep quite as much as the previous three days.  Did a little bit of sewing -- those four additional blocks for the Batik Stars project.  Haven't begun the setting blocks yet.

Came back to work on Tuesday and by the time I get home each day, I don't have much left.  Am cutting back on medicines at this point and the cough, while present, is a ghost of what I would have expected at this point.  Perhaps I'm to be spared the bronchitis!

Saturday I'm scheduled to spend part of the day sewing with a couple of friends.  I'm either going to work on Hambone's blocks or the alternates for the Batik Stars.


altar ego said…
Is there a glimpse of what the batik stars will look like (or look like as a work in progress)? Glad you're feeling better. Sending healing wishes, prayers and thoughts to you. Take it easy through the week so that you can enjoy the weekend!
Unknown said…
Oh my! I am happy to hear that you are doing a lot better! Hooray...bronchitis is not fun. Be careful about going about and still unwell.
Gari in AL said…
When I have been sick I usually have limited energy for a few days after. AND, I have learned to let myself rest until the energy level increases or I just get sick again. Take care.
Judi said…
So glad to hear you are getting better, but please try to rest as much as you can!

Having said that, I'm dying to see your setting blocks for the batik stars....hopefully mine will arrive shortly.
Pat said…
When you have to go to work, sometimes recovery is "two steps forward, one step back". Take care!