Images of a New Year -- 2010 -- In Which

Elaine and Herb Marry

Tom Receives a Shovel

Amy and Anastasia Will Become Moms

A Cheeseburger Cake is Completed

We Watch the Wii

Amy Selects Fabrics for a Baby Quilt

The Batik Stars Swap Out


*karendianne. said…
Nancy! What a happy "Imagines of a New Year." I love this. Thanks for sharing the cuteamous photos of the Cheesburger cake (how creative is that?!) and the pregnant Mommies (how glowing) and oh the little ones.

I love that you blessed us with you blessings...
Pat said…
That is NOT a cake! Please tell me that's not a cake! How very very cool! And talk
about "glowing"! Glowing bride & moms-to-be. Can't think of a better way to start a new year.

Nifty batik star swap. I have never done a swap. How does one get started?
I LOVE that picture of the preggos!They will have absolutely gorgeous babies! And I liked seeing the two adorable extant grandbaies and their darling mum.
Good job, everyone!
Ms. Jan said…
Love the pics of your daughter-in-law and their bellies. So sweet. My grandson Alex (2 1/2) has beaten everyone in the family at bowling. No one can even get close! Happy New Year!!
Tanya said…
Love the two matching baby tummys! It looks like you had a great time!