Guest Bloggist, Sort Of

The ushering team that Joe and I serve on was scheduled for the early service on Christmas Eve. I'd been hurrying around most of the day and got ready to go at the last minute, grabbing the first clean shirt I saw in the closet. Joe let me out at the church and went to park at the train station so that there would be one more space in the church lot for a visitor. I went in and found the pastor to check on the rubrics for the service. I noticed that the bread wasn't in place in the back of the church, and the pastor mentioned to me that he wanted to have an additional person to give out bread, but he didn't know who was available. I told him I'd be happy to jump in and perform that service, and he agreed -- I wouldn't get into my alb, but would be an usher and after bringing the gifts up, I'd join the altar servers and be the second bread distributor.

The church was more full than we'd anticipated, and in the back pew next to us was a family we didn't know. I made sure the kids had candles. I was happy to see my friend Helen in the front with her grandson, and some other people I'd not seen for a while. It was a lovely service.

My Christmas started this morning with this wonderful email from Helen:

Hi Nancy,

Thought you would get a kick out of this--

Luke loves to go to church. Every year at Christmas he wants to go to Grandma's church. 1/2 way thru the service he leaned in and thanked me for bringing him to church. When he is at his other grandmother's house he asks to go to her church--also Lutheran.

When he saw you he said I want the Lady in the Blue Shirt to come to us. He was thrilled you came around to collect our offering and I was thrilled I found it. Whew.

Then he wanted to get into the line for the blessing with the Lady in the Blue Shirt. Luckily that was easy. Later he wanted the Lady in the Blue Shirt to light his candle. Again we were lucky! Later we saw Joe cleaning up the pews and I told Luke that he was the the husband of the Lady in the Blue Shirt. He was much impressed.

So for what ever reason he was awed by you tonight--Must have been the blue shirt or as he says it "shurt." Maybe he senses your kind nature.

Have a blessed Christmas.


I assume the blue was for Advent--or was it just what you wanted to wear?


*karendianne. said…
Oh Nancy, this brought a tear to my eye. I have a chill of emotion as well. Thank you for sharing this very special moment of Christmas. Blue Shirts are Love, *karendianne.