Thanksgiving -- What It's All About

I was reading Suzan's blog the other day and saw that she'd included a most wonderful Thanksgiving prayer. It made me want to share the one my husband reads each year on Thanksgiving Day just before we sit down to dinner. I find it very moving.

For the fruit of all creation,
thanks be to God.
gifts bestowed on every nation,
thanks be to God.
For the plowing, sowing, reaping,
silent growth while we are sleeping,
future needs in earth's safekeeping,
thanks be to God.

In the just reward of labor,
God's will is done.
In the help we give our neighbor,
God's will is done.
In our worldwide task of caring
for the hungry and despairing,
in the harvests we are sharing,
God's will is done.

For the harvests of the Spirit,
thanks be to God.
For the good we all inherit,
thanks be to God.
For the wonders that astound us,
for the truths that still confound us,
most of all that love has found us,
thanks be to God.


Thanks, Nancy, for sharing the hymn. I love the repetition "thanks be to God" because that is what it all boils down to, isn't it? Everything we have, everything we are is all gift. Thanks be to God.
*karendianne. said…
That is beautiful. I would have enjoyed that myself. Unfortunately my host chose to have a "thanks be to God" and added the political edge to the entire thing before "Amen." I've been going there for years. Guess since it was under a different administration dinner was different? You can imagine ME on the INSIDE. View aside, was this appropriate? Dear me, I really was lost.
Unknown said…
Thank you for this time of year we get so caught up in the moment, we forget the bigger picture. May you havaae a blessed Advent
Joanne Lendaro said…
Thanks for sharing, it is a wonderful message. Too bad so many get caught up in the material things and forget the true meanings of the holidays.