Back to Our Regular Programming . . .

. . . that being family, quilts, food, and whatever else seems blogworthy at the time!  Let's start with family.

Just before we went to Scandinavia, we made a trip to Virginia to visit grandchildren. We had a wonderful time! This is an extremely rare shot of Elijah Boo being still. We had a short but happy visit together. Eli's prolly the happiest 2-year-old I've known and for as infrequently as we get together with him, he's remarkably warm to us! This photo was taken at our house a few weeks before our trip South.

In the last week or so before we went away, I was piecing tops for baby quilts, starting with charm packs that I had. I'm pleased with how this one turned out and it is near the top of the list for quilting this summer.

Marsha has recently been doing some fine machine quilting on her Pfaff and I'm thinking seriously about trying to machine quilt this one. It is a gift for a new baby boy, Nolan Michael, and I need to have it finished by the end of August.

The Brian-Erin quilt came back from the machinist not long before we went away and I was delighted with her work (as always).

Brian and Erin are the couple from school who are to be married on Joe's and my forty-fifth anniversary, and I thought that warranted a quilt gift. You may remember that I used Barbara Brackman's "Morris and Company" fabrics to make this quilt, shortly before I swore off single-line quilts.

Brian and Erin were pleased!


Janet O. said…
What precious little faces, Nancy.
I wish you well on your machine quilting. Have you done much of that?
The Brian/Erin quilt is beautiful. I'd like to see a closer view of the quilting (hint, hint). : )
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Oh, my... they grow and change at the speed of light! You're letting no grass grow beneath your feet; well done, my friend, your quilts are all lovely to look at.