Monday, March 26, 2012

Mercy Quilts Progress and A Surprise Reciprocated

I spent much of Sunday afternoon playing with the blocks Kathy B had sent to use for mercy quilts. It didn't take long to get Kathy B's Posies together. I always cut my side triangles about an inch or so larger than the recipe calls for. I'd rather have a little extra fabric along the sides than take a chance on cutting off the corners of the blocks on the outside.

This quilt is going to be pretty. I'm going to pick up some sage green floss to tie it and sage green fabric, a TOT, I hope, to find it. There is pretty much of the posies left and I think if I add a little plain black, there will be enough to piece a back.

Kathy B also sent these blocks. They were from a swap we did of coffee and cream churn dash blocks, finishing at 9 inches. I remember putting my set together a couple of years ago and liking the outcome very much. When Kathy B offered hers for a mercy quilt, I wanted to do something different than I'd done before, and I only had about 2/3 as many blocks. On point was called for, I thought, and Kathy B had sent along some terrific bull's eye fabric that I used for the sashing. She also had some left over cream and some brown, and I used the latter for the cornerstones. She sent a red/brown print, plenty for the back, and I auditioned it for the side triangles, but it failed. I'm going to use plain creamy muslin for them, and will likely begin cutting them tonight. I know that one block down there is kind of ugly; I'll have to decide if I can live with it or need to make a replacement.

A couple of days ago, Kim had a post where she asked people to list three of their favorite blogs. I obediently listed some that I love that hadn't been listed by previous commenters. On Sunday, I wandered back to Kim's with the thought of visiting the various blogs that people listed. Imagine my delighted surprise when three commenters listed this blog, this very blog (!) as one of their three favorite! Anonymous Sue (who also likes Taniwa, Sister's Choice, and Mrs. Goodneedle -- see what good taste she has!) and Anonymous Cindy who likes me and my friends, Jo's Country Junction and That Man Quilts (don't know them yet), I'm just tickled by your mentioning me. If you'll write me your snail addresses, I'll send you a little something as a thank you!  Amy, you'd be the third one, so please tell me your address, too. On Saturday, the Executive Committee is going out to Burkholders and I'll pick up some little treat for each of you while I'm there.


Janet O. said...

Both of these mercy quilts are beautiful, but I admit being partial to the Churn Dash. It caught my eye, and I caught my breath, as soon as I opened your post. You did a wonderful job on the setting (I cut my setting triangles a little larger, too).
Congrats on being a "favorite blog". I know I never want to miss a single post! : )

Amy said...

After looking at the lovely mercy quilts, (and I remember the previous CW churn dash one), it was certainly a surprise to see my name in print! Hopefully, without fawning too much, yours is the first blog I check everyday. It's like receiving a real letter in the mail...