Rainy Sunday Afternoon

We had to get up early this morning, which neither of us wanted to do because we'd been up late last night. But we were assigned to usher at the early service, so when that 6:00 alarm went off, we schlepped out of bed despite our bodies' protests. Last evening we had guests for a Scandinavian dinner (mostly Swedish but with a Finnish main course [I meant to take a picture of mine, but forgot in the confusion of getting everything on the table]) served with lingonberries and sour cream. We'd picked up the fixings for the hors d'oeuvres at Ikea the evening before, and guests were bringing the salad and dessert, so I didn't have too much preparation. The Jansson's temptation (my recipe is a little different and includes anchovies in place of the sprats) was wonderful as always, and I steamed some fresh asparagus. Left-overs tonight!

So, anyway, I was trying to write about a rainy Sunday and got Swedishly sidetracked. With everything cleaned up from last night and my meatloaf for tomorrow night (a group is cooking for the hungry) finished, I really don't feel guilty going down to the studio to sew for much of the afternoon. I'm planning to get Kathy B's Posies all together and they lay out the coffee-with-cream-churn-dash blocks that she sent for yet another mercy quilt. It sounds like a fine afternoon, and I don't have to worry about that rainy Sunday afternoon temptation to take a nap -- I already gave it for a half-hour when we got home from church!


Janet O. said…
What a busy, fulfilling weekend you have had! Hope you get a good night's rest tonight! : )
Susan said…
Sounds like a great day, Nancy. I spent yesterday afternoon at the County Line Quilters show and got lots of inspiration. Did you know that a new store-The Round Bobbin-is opening in Ambler, probably next week?