Kathy B's Posies

For a couple of years a group of us played lotto -- someone started it by sending out F8s of a focus fabric and specified a block size, a background preference, and whatever else she thought. Then everyone made a block and the initiator would draw a name from among the participants and that person would win the whole kaboodle and it would be her turn to select a focus fabric. The game was a bit of a crapshoot -- you might win but would you like the batch you won?

I remember this particular round pretty well. When the black with tiny posies came my way I enjoyed making one block from it (the one in the center of the bottom row) but really did not want to win the whole group. Kathy B did win, and apparently this group was not to her taste either, for it is one of the two groups she sent me for a mercy quilt. There was plenty of the black with posies, so I picked out the most cohesive 12 of the 15 blocks and started cutting side triangles and alternate blocks and the top is practically making itself. I think I'll look for some sage for the tying and the binding.

Spring Break is an excellent time for mercy quilts.


Pat said…
I think they are very nice and will make a lovely quilt -- someone will snuggle up with those posies warming their toe-sies.
LizA. said…
You may not like it but somebody is going to love it.
Janet O. said…
When I enlarge the photo that black focus fabric looks vaguely familiar.
I think this will make a very pretty quilt that will warm someone inside and out.
Anonymous said…
Somebody will be enjoying this for sure!