Random Thoughts

. . . I've just finished reading a truly wonderful book, Emily Alone by Stewart O'Nan. I loved it and give it five stars.

. . . I think I'm the only person who isn't ecstatic that Flea Market Fancy is available again. I didn't care about it the first time.

. . . This blog is amazing.

. . . Another really good book that I just finished was What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty. I'd love to be in a group discussion about this book.

. . . My darling husband is a bit under-the-weather.

. . . Caroline needs summery nightgowns, so I'm heading out to Jo-Ann's to look for pattern and possibly fabric.

. . . My Dresden Plate blades are getting made as leader-enders.

. . . I've bought two of this designer's patterns but haven't thought about fabric yet.

. . . Tom and Anastasia's baby is due in less than a month! We are thinking of this baby as "Cinco," as s/he will be our fifth grandchild.

And that's all she wrote today.


Ms. Jan said…
Thanks for the link to Wayne's blog--he is fascinating!
Anya said…
Thanks for the info on that amazing blog -- it's now on my ever-expanding list of blogs to read! I just started reading "Wish You Were Here", (perhaps I saw it recommended on your blog?) and will put Emily Alone and What Alice Forgot on my to-be-read list. I find that most of your recommendations have been outstanding!
Grey Cat said…
You're not the only one to not care about the Flea Market Fancy redux. I wasn't buying designer fabrics when it originally released, and never saw the appeal.

And leader-enders are an awesome way to get a project done without noticing!
Still keeping busy then! How is the scrap bag challenge coming, always a hard ask when you aren't "into it!" I have written down the books and will look into them, have a great day, tracey
Salem Stitcher said…
I'll have to check out the books. I need something truly wonderful.
jirons42 said…
I so agree with you about Emily Alone so I'm going to try your other recommendation. Thanks.
Sandra said…
I loved Emily, alone. (sorry but I can't see how to underline the title on my I-pad). I do think this book has the greatest appeal for "senior citizen" women.
Susan said…
I'll have to check out your book recommendations as I don't know anything about either of those titles.

Which Jaybird Designs patterns did you get? I have Firecracker, but like you, haven't thought about fabrics. Maybe that's what I'll get when my friends and I do our mini shop-hop this week.

And thank you for the link to Wayne's blog. Looks like a lot of fun!
Amy said…
Thanks for the link to Wayne's blog! My nephew's college quilt may very well come from one of Wayne's ideas...

And I love Jaybird Designs too. I made Fast Forward in Dr. Seuss fabrics with a black background. The baby loves it!
Susan said…
Gosh your grandchildren are multiplying! =) You might be interested in a book I heard about from a survivor of the crash in the Hudson. She was a speaker at out interfaith conference on Thursday. The Art of Racing in the Rain: A Novel. Not the children's version.
Carol said…
I just read a review of Emily Alone on Amazon and see it's a sequel to Wish You Were Here. Have you read it and if so, should I read it first? Am anxious to peruse Wayne's blog as well. Looks so intriguing.