Mercy Quilt #3

Kathy B's Brown and Cream Churn Dashes are a flimsy! I discovered I had some creamy fabric with a pale geometric motif (click to enlarge picture) that would be not only fine but actually just right for the setting triangles. As you can see, I really could not endure that sore thumb block that had been in the lower left corner, so I left it out and made a nice replacement. Setting a top on point with lattice and cornerstones is always a logistical challenge for me and I was delighted that I got this one together without having to rip out at all!

Kathy had sent fabric for backing, so I'll piece that tomorrow, I imagine. On Saturday I'll pick up the batts for these three mercy quilts as well as some floss for tying and whatever else I need in the way of backs. I don't anticipate putting these quilts together until summertime, but that's just around the corner and I need to be ready! I have a fantasy of a major binding fest during the Summer Olympics!

Tonight I began work on something new. Our guild is having a challenge -- each participant brought a plain brown paper bag full of scraps from one project and, sight unseen, we each brought home someone else's bag. Our task is to make a wall hanging, somewhere between 12 and 36 inches, using these scraps and we're permitted to add up to one light and one dark. There will be some sort of a contest with prizes, I believe, in October. The scraps I brought home were pretty far from my taste; they were brown and gold florals for the most part with a lot of metallic gold in the print. I've been considering the options for weeks, now, and finally have come up with an idea. I began the center basket (what else!?) tonight and will try to continue until it is finished. It isn't at all easy for me to sew on fabric that I don't care for.


Janet O. said…
I am so taken by your churn dash quilt! A lovely job, my friend.
That would be a challenge to come up with something from fabrics that don't appeal to you--but with a center BASKET how can you go wrong?!?
Nancy, the book arrived today and I have begun to read it already; thank you very much and I promise to send it on to another who will very much enjoy it too.

Gracias, amiga.
Ray said…
I like this one very much!!
Vivian said…
Just gave this same thought on another blog... could Mr. Sore Thumb be pieced into the back as a label? Or will he be saved for a future Orphan block quilt?
Deb said…
This mercy quilt turned over very nice. I know I would have a tough time making a quilt out of fabric that I didn't care for...will be interesting to see what you come up with.
Candace said…
Oh my gosh, I just love this quilt, Nancy! Churn dash is my alltime favorite block and can you believe I've never seen it on point? I love the colors you chose, too!
Bobbi said…
Philly Modern Quilt Guild had a similar challenge a few months ago but to just "make something". it was a lot of fun - look forward to seeing what you come up with.

That's a good idea to put that outlier on the back. A lesson to that block - behave or you are relegated to the back of the quilt!
That quilt is downright magical. I love the pattern the shapes make. love th ecolor tones, too. It loks as if it is saying something, something intriguing and comofrting, too. Nice work, as usual.
Unknown said…
This is lovely Nancy - I don't usually do brown but I love this :)
A good background fabric is a wonderful thing. I'm always on a lookout for sale fabric that I think will make good backgrounds or backings. Love this churn dash quilt.
Susan said…
The churn dash top looks great. My second favorite pattern. I look forward to seeing what you do with the scraps. A basket sounds promising.
Peggy said…
I had some metallic gold in a fabric I otherwise liked and just used the reverse side of the fabric so the metallic gold ended up on the back instead of the front.