Spring Break 2012

Yesterday was the last day of classes for our students and faculty and, as always, folks were eager, eager, eager. Non-teaching staff do not automatically get spring break off; we are encouraged to use some of our generous vacation time during this break (and Winter/Christmas break, too), but it isn't required. I usually take a few days off, but this year I'm working straight through. The good side of this is that those of us who work have a nicely shortened workday. I'm still going in at 7:30 or 8:00 and finishing up midday.

This break will be used for tending to too-long-postponed errands, a bit of shopping, changing over the closets, and dealing with the mountain in the ironing basket. Plus reading, sewing, and ruminating. Not to mention thoroughly enjoying this year's lovely, early spring.

No comments on this post, please. But if you are interested in entering the drawing for Cross Country Quilters, please do leave a comment on the previous post. I'll be drawing the name in the morning.