This, That, and The Other

After our brunch guests had headed home to D.C., and after things were cleaned up, and after a fifteen-minute snooze in the recliner, I went downstairs to tackle the heaps of laundry and to do some sewing. First up was a group project for the Uvulati, the monthly hand sewing group. One of our international members, Judi the Blogless (Thus Far) had sent some beautiful fabrics for the group to use to make a quilt for a hospice Veteran. We'd divided them up a week or so ago, and my task was to make two star blocks. They each measure 12" finished.

At this point, my plan was to get out my CW and my DP tool and begin my Dresden Plates project. What I wasn't counting on was Janet the Temptress who had posted on her blog some of the cutest darned basket blocks I've ever seen (and y'all know I've seen a few basket blocks!). I made this one out of some William Morris scraps. It measures 4" finished. In all likelihood, it will be joined by some relatives . . . .

I also made a mug rug, not pictured, for a one-on-one swap project.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about making myself a top. I really enjoyed doing it, and was proud of the good work I'd done. But when I tried it on, alas, it was not for me. The neckline was too wide and showed off straps and things, and the gathers drew too much attention to where there already is plenty going on. I knew I'd never wear it. So I was disappointed. Then I realized my friend Carol is about the same size I am but cut differently. She loved the top and it fit her fine, but needed some additional length. With the ruffles on the shoulders, it was only natural to add a little bottom ruffle for Carol.

And that's what I have to show for my afternoon.


tis true, that janet IS a temptress...with such lovely little basket blocks to inspire us all
LizA. said…
Busy, busy, busy. Those are darling basket blocks -- yes I went and looked at Janet's baskets.....indeed she is a temptress. THIS is why I have so many unfinished projects.....
Janet O. said…
Oh, thank you my dear friend Nancy, for the new nickname. Shall I change my blog name? *LOL*
Your star blocks are beautiful--they really twinkle like stars should.
Very cute basket--but only one? What is wrong with me??
The top you made is cute. I understand your disappointment in getting it completed and finding it not to your liking. Been there, done that! Good of you to fix it for someone else.
I think I need to go sew more baskets. : )
Judi said…
Oh Nancy, I LOVE your star blocks! Do you have some idea what stage the quilt will be at when I visit in May?

I am making a patriotic quilt to bring with me for the hospice. It's currently a quilt top and I'm hoping that Mary will give me a hand layering it, so that I can quilt it. We are on a quilt retreat this coming weekend, so I am optimistic!