Livid, Near Philadelphia

Everything was fine until a couple of weeks ago.

Then Blogger changed from its one-word-often-amusing Word Verification to a two-word-incredibly-blurry-and-never-funny Word Verification. I first encountered the change on other blogs and when I realized how annoying and difficult it had become to leave a comment, I removed it from mine.

Since then I've received between two and eight Spam comments each day.

I'm not sure which is more annoying -- the junk filling my inbox or the eyestrain from the new comment format.

So I'm trying another option available on Blogger's pull-down menu: Registered Users only. I don't really know what this means, but I think it will eliminate the anonymous comments without having to go through the Word Verification. If you know more than I do, please share (without mentioning Viagra or cheap airflights). I hope a couple of you will leave comments and tell me what is entailed.

If this option doesn't work, I'm going to have to return to those wretched two word WVs.

Why the heck didn't Blogger leave well enough alone!



Well I guess this works for other google accounts because it recognized me.
Janet O. said…
I did the same as you, Nancy. I have disabled the word verification, but only allow registered users. So far I've been okay. Good Luck!
Pat said…
Good idea. Will have to try it.
Nancy I've got mine set to Registered too and so far so good.
Salem Stitcher said…
I will miss the one word, often funny verification things. I often laughed out loud at them and always thought of you when I did.
floribunda said…
Nancy, you could also try comment moderation; that's what I've been doing lately. I still get some spam but it doesn't show up on the blog...
did you see my post..........most of the bad comments I get are anon. so if you only allow registered google accounts then they are more likely bloggers........and if they spam then you can report them........
Let's see if this will let me comment without using the Google account...
...and that would be no. Registered Users works for anyone with a Google account, but it does not allow commenters to use their Open ID or Name/URL. Which means WordPress, TypePad, etc. users are out of luck. Of course, even with the new word verification, Blogger hasn't been allowing WordPress comments. I've been using Name/URL when it's available, or just not commenting.
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I stopped leaving comments on those with Google word verification because half the time I couldn't read the darned things well enough and then gave up after trying multiple times. I never get spam on comments and I don't know why. I did for a while but used comment moderation and that seemed to stop it.
i have mine set to no word verification and registered users only... i've gotten no spam since I did that...and was getting spam when I had it open for anonymous commenters.
*karendianne. said…
Goodness sakes this is more messy than we needed it to be, ha? Also, sorry I'm behind on your blog and the wonderful work you've been doing. It's rather trashy of me to be supportive in the beginning and then not follow thru at the end. :(
I hate the 2 word verification and just wish they had gone to numbers. I also turned off verification, but turned on moderation for posts older than 7 days because I noticed it was always the older posts that were spamed. No problems (yet).
Gari in AL said…
Well, I'm interested to see how it works. I'm just not sure what constitutes a "registered" user. Only people who use blogger?
LoieJ said…
My blogs are neglected, so I can't speak from that experience, but I've also been annoyed at the new secret words, too secret to be figured out. I usually give up after three tries. On another forum I'm on, the members are saying that blogger has great spam filters so that most spam is caught anyway. You have to go to the blogger dashboard to check the spam and maybe the settings.