Seems to be Working

So far, so good with the Open ID use for comments. I think, though, that this step will preclude my cousin out west and nurse Kathy B, both from California, who usually comment as Anonymous with a signature, from commenting unless they establish an Open ID somehow.

Here's the full information that I found on it.

I hope to be back later today with pictures of my current 6" CW blocks as well as the latest fashions in 4T.


Sorry, at least as far as I've experienced there's no option for signing in with Open ID. It's a Google account or nothing, despite what Blogger's instructions say.
Amy said…
Testing... to see if it works for me. Hope so since the blurry two word thing is hard to decipher.
Vivian said…
I'll be interested in seeing how this works for you. The new verification is a bit of a pain so another option for allowing comments would be good.

It's funny though, when I went to leave this comment, it showed that two had been made but only one was visible on the original post so are you also using the "approval/moderation" function?
LoieJ said…
I'm in, just using my google sign in. I don't use open ID at all.
*karendianne. said…
I'm going to continue to comment today to see how I work. hee!!! …of course popcorn.