Getting There

This is the 23rd basket for my indigo and caramel quilt.  You may recognize it as being one of Piecemeal's.  This block is very much fun to make. 

I still have one more caramel background block to make, Piecemeal's #12, the one that calls for the freezer paper technique, one I've never tried before.  But Piecemeal hasn't failed me yet, so I'm going to give it a whirl this coming weekend.

Then I'll just have Basket of Chips to make, and I don't know yet which background it will need, so I'll have to do my trial lay-out before I can make it.  This quilt is starting to become real.

In other news, my Weight Watcher efforts continue and I've lost 20.8 pounds, 3 pounds of which were this week, a week of many events involving food.  I'm learning how to do it.  Again, if you're someone I see, please don't talk to me about this unless I bring it up.  Thank you!


AnnieO said…
That's a very pretty basket block--love the star in the base!

Good work on your weight loss goals. Glad it's working for you. Somehow my wishing away my extra 20 lbs during the same period hasn't been nearly as successful, LOL!
Unknown said…
Another lovely block Nancy - I really love this colour scheme

and very well done on the weight loss - it's never easy, especially as you say, when there are social/food occasions to factor in
Pat said…
I think this is my favorite C & I block that you've done so far. Beautiful design, and inspired fabric choices. I kind of wish we had gone with the more scrappy look to begin with, now that I see just how lovely these blocks are with the variety of tones.

Great job on the you-know-what. It's not easy, especially when you get past 40 or so. It's something I need to do as well.
Lori said…
I love the block and it has so many pieces!!

Nancy!!! WAY TO GO ON THE WEIGHT LOSS!!! Yes, I'm shouting and jumping up and down for you!!! Keep it going girlfriend!!
Susan said…
I'm enjoying all these basket blocks. This will be a very pretty quilt!

Congratulations on your weight loss! I'm a lapsed lifetime member of WW and I think you are inspiring me to go back to the program.
Anonymous said…
You're basket blocks are all beautiful. I do love the colors you choose.

And good work on the D-word. I need help in that department and might have to check into WW.

Thanks for sharing.
Anonymous said…
I was distressed this morning when I clicked on your blog (beautiful basket block, btw) and there was no list of blogs on the left. However, I found the list on the bottom of the page and discovered the site with the WW recipes which I had missed previously. Thanks again for your blog and all the helpful links. Keep up the good WW're doing great! An inspiration in all area.