Indigo and Caramel

Some months ago, a dozen of us agreed to swap basket blocks made from indigo and caramel fabrics.  We used the baskets from this site, and each selected one to make twelve of.  The swap closes in a couple of weeks, and the blocks that have come in are nothing short of gorgeous.  Half have caramel backgrounds and half have indigo backgrounds.  Some of us are so fond of this color combination that we've decided to make larger quilts than twelve-block projects. 

 Mary and Judi No Blog and I decided to do a side swap, each making three more blocks with indigo backgrounds and three more with caramel backgrounds.  And, oh so conveniently, Piecemeal's blocks are the same size as Plano's!  And there are a dozen there, too!  And for our quilts we will each need 25 -- leaving us only one more to discover from another source.

I cut out my first trio the other night and got them finished last night.  I'm very pleased with them, and eager to get the other trio finished before the swap ends at the end of this month.

Truly, I've never met a basket block that I didn't love.  Truly.


Pat said…
Wow. I really heart these blocks!
AnnieO said…
I love basket blocks too, and have saved the PDFs from Piecemeal, but haven't started anything yet. There are some good basket blocks on Quilter's Cache, I like this one:

Looking forward to more sharing of the caramel and indigo goodness!
Miriam said…
Ohhh I really love that colour combination!
Unknown said…
NICE!!! - very very nice :o)