This, That and the Other

Today I managed to make the other three blocks for the side swap.  Here's one; they are identical.  I like them. 

The swap-out is in a little more than two weeks.

So, I need seven more to have the size top that I want.  Six will come from Piecemeal's site and the last one will be Basket of Chips from Quilter's Cache.  I was a little bit surprised how quickly today's blocks went together.  Piecemeal's methods of construction are simply brilliant.  And she writes good instructions, too!

Blackberry isn't feeling well.  Without being too graphic, he's experiencing a couple of kinds of gastrointestinal distress.  This began in the middle of the night on Thursday and has worsened.  Our theory is that the training treats we started giving him on or about Thursday are a little too rich for him, and we need to lay off.  Meanwhile, he's kind of lethargic.  We've put together the old standby Sick Dog Meal of cooked hamburger, rice, and cottage cheese, but he's not interested.  As long as he drinks enough water, we're not real worried.  We've stopped the treats and just need him to get any residue out of his system.  We'll try again with the SDM in the morning.

He's a bright puppy.  He had his name down pat within about three days and is beginning to understand what "No!" means.  Not that he is in agreement all of the time.  And we've decided on his formal name, the name to go on his papers when they come.  Being's as how he's not only an English springer spaniel, but also comes from UK bloodlines, he's going to be Lord Hazelmere of Blackberry.  What do you think of that, Goddessa Binx?

And finally, a bit of a MOOOOOOOO from a Cranky Old Woman coming along here.

What the heck were this girl's parents thinking?  My hunch is that they were misoverestimating her skill and pretty darned aware of the book, appearance, and movie money to be made.  I'm not implying that they don't love their daughter, but rather that their judgment just really wasn't any better than the 16-year-old's.  They thought it was so important for her to take a chance at being the youngest person ever to accomplish what she set out to do that they let her go off without an escort boat "just in case," therefore knowing full well that some generous strangers would have to put their lives at risk to rescue her in the all-too-likely event that she became imperiled on the sea.  And they'll still get all the $$$$$ from the book, the appearances and the Lifetime Channel for Women movie that will likely be made. 

I find the whole situation utterly disgusting.

Moo to you, Sunderland parents!


floribunda said…
I agree -- I think there's some child endangerment going on there!

(and this from someone whose DH is about to take off on a solo sailboat ride across the Pacific... but he's theoretically an adult!)
I love your baskets. I've downloaded a few of her baskets for future use and the directions look really good.

I'm in agreement on the boat girl. I feel the same way about this as the beauty pagent babies and such. The parents are not doing a very good job IMHO and thinking only of the $$$. Such is the attitude of much of our society nowdays.
Pat said…
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Pat said…
And how much do you think it cost to set Ms. Sunderland up with her spiffy little sailing vessel, provisions and the like? Crikey, I thought I was being liberal when I let my son drive his 64 Mustang to high school.

Lord Hazelmere of Blackberry, you say? Does that make Joe the Major, and you the bleedin' Dutchess? (sorry about the language -- just trying to get into the part).

I LOVE Lord H of B's eyebrows. Dashing
Ms. Jan said…
Has Blackberry had his Parvovirus shots? We went through that with one of our puppies and it was a nightmare. Most reputable breeders will not send them off without the first set of vaccinations, but you never know.
Gretchen said…
The basket blocks are just yummy! I will keep that color combo in mind for a later project. Poor little pup! Hope he of the regal name is feeling better soon.
Susan said…
That happened to me with a new puppy. Turned out to be parvo. He survived, but it was close.
Anya said…
I agree...perhaps they should donate all the proceeds from books, movies, etc to the brave men/women who rescued her...The search probably cost big bucks!
Barb said…
Ahhhhhh love the puppy name, and hope there is improvement soon! As for the boat girl...her parents stated she was "ready" and "wanting" to do this (??)...I am sorry but "NO" seems like the right word for her "ready and wanting"! I worry when my grandchildren are driving a car, I must be over protective! Have a great day...I love the quilt blocks!
AnnieO said…
I'll have to disagree with you a bit on the sailor's story (Abby). She is from my county and the family is very close knit. Her brother made the same trip two years ago at the same age and was successful--but there was no movie or book deal. It was a risky trip, of course, and dangerous. All their kids are sailors I think. The mom is about to have their 8th child and that one will probably be a sailor too!

Anyway, you are most busy with a puppy and a swap and a muggy summer to come. Enjoy!
*karendianne. said…
Lord Hazelmere of Blackberry. Fantastic. Sorry I missed out on this in a timely fashion. I wasn't able to offer any supportive words about His Lordship. I'm only so happy to read now - in later posts - he's feeling much better.

Your block is tantalizing! I really really dig it. Extremely dig it. Might have to steal it on my way out after dinner next week.