Oh, Bill! I've Missed You So!

My Month of May Miscellany has come to an end, and right away I wanted to get back to my Baskets for Bill/Baskets of Bill.  The fabrics were waiting for me right where I left them.  First I put all of the finished blocks up on the wall to get an idea of what colors I was short, and then I fondled my FQs and made my selections.

This block is another one from dear Piecemeal, and it went together very smoothly, the way her blocks have a tendency to do. 

She's got her Block Number Eleven up and it is a real doozy!  I'm going to print out the instructions tomorrow on the color printer and try to get to it soon.  If you haven't seen it, go check it out!

The postal person last week brought the second installment in the Fat Quarter Shop "Vintage Memories" BOM.  This is a six-month project and so far, both months we've made two identical blocks.  Here is one of the ones from this month.  I like it. 

I subscribed to yet another BOM from the Fat Quarter Shop; it doesn't start until November, and unless my math is worse than I think it is, Vintage Memories should be finished by then.


I was looking at my Bill quilt this morning - I often look at it, since it's on my bed - and I don't recall seeing that pattern in any of yuor other quilts. It is uniquely beautiful and I am awed by those teensy little strips and wonder how you did that. SOme of them are only about 1/16 of an inch wide. Fantastic. Bill would approve.
Micki said…
Gorgeous blocks! Great job!