Who, Indeed?

Blackberry is one day older than Nathaniel.  They both turned eleven weeks this weekend.

Who has a wonderful smile? 

Who is easy going and sweet in disposition? 

Who has red red hair?

Who has Grandmom and Grandpop wrapped around his very little finger?

Who has turned out to be a very good traveler? 

Who has now been in half as many different states as he is weeks old?

Who has become very comfortable in his crate?

Who has enchanted Tom and Anastasia besides Nate?

Who is now a pro at entering Holiday Inns via the back door?  And being quiet in his crate?

Nathaniel and Blackberry, that's who!


altar ego said…
I think my dog needs to come and stay at your house for a while. You obviously work wonders with little critters!
Pat said…
TOTALLY made my Sunday!!
Lori said…
Oh my gosh! Isn't he adorable??!! Which one? BOTH!! LOL
Linda said…
OMG what sweethearts! As I have a red headed son, I love to see red haired babies! And the puppy, what can I say! Gorgeous both of them.
Lurking Linda
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
This post is just the BEST... thanks for sharing your precious babies.
Gari in AL said…
It is not often that I find myself smiling while I am reading blogs but this one certainly was one of the best. Both are terrific.
Unknown said…
He definitely has a look of Grandpop about him - Nathan that is, not Blackberry :o)
AnnieO said…
Pretty irresistable, both of them! Glad you're enjoying the youngest of the family so much.
Annemiek said…
Love them both, but a redhead is my absolute fav! Can't help that, I have the same coloured genes!!
Tanya said…
Look at that red, red hair and that wonderful laughing face! Lovely pictures of Nate!. And Blackberry has become such a sweet part of your family! Give a pat from me.