Sometimes It Doesn't Work Out

I don't usually sketch my quilts the way Turbo does.  She has this terrific little notebook made with graph paper, and she draws and colors her quilts as they come into her mind.  I don't.  I get a picture in my head of how a quilt should look and pretty much jump in and get started.  Usually, it looks on the wall pretty much as it looked in my head.

Not this time.  I had another charm pack of Botany and had bought some yardage of the prettiest print.  After the first Botany quilt, the one for Ben and Mia (who are in the labor room even as I write!) turned out so well, I got this idea that a charm pack could turn into QSTs and be latticed.  They prolly can.  But not Botany.  Cutting them this small doesn't show off the gorgeousness of the line. 

So this baby quilt is a finished flimsy.  It strikes me as "okay" but not something I'm thrilled with.  At some point I'll need a quilt for a faculty member at school, and I'll quilt it then.

News Flash:  Even as I was typing, the phone rang, and Ben and Mia have successfully and happily delivered Benjamin Gustav in Boston!


altar ego said…
Welcome to Benjamin Gustav! Y'all are just flush with babies and too much delight in a short span of time. I'm thrilled for you, and am helping myself to a spoonful of that happiness!
Char said…
Congratulations to Mom and Dad! I love that Botany line, it's one of my favorites.
howdidIgethere said…
Don't know the line of fabric but do know the new Grandmother! Hope all is well with the new family!

p.s. Jenna really "lucked" (WV -- a "real" word!) out with that black and batik quilt.
kdmade said…
Even though I would gladly take even a "flimsy" Nancy quilt, I am not going to be the faculty member birthing another baby to do so. Just sayin'!

You are awash in grandbabies. So wonderful!
Linda said…
Congratulations again! It's not fair! I don't have a one! Happy days for you!
Lurking Linda
Unknown said…
Congrats on the new little one. By the way, love the quilt.