Park Avenue!

I've prolly mentioned before that I've been part of a group of dear friends called The Good Guys (yup, we came about when a women's club split into three factions, i.e., The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly) for about twenty-five years.  And since becoming a quilter, I've made a quilt (or two) for each of the women.  Except one.  And this is the year for Elaine's. 

She and Herb got married in January and are moving to a new home next month.  The time is right for her quilt.  Ever since the wedding, I've had in my mind an image of the kind of fabric I wanted for Elaine's quilt.  I knew what I wanted but didn't see it in the stores, on the net, or in the catalogs.

Until Thursday night.

And that's when the Fat Quarter Shop posted a link on Facebook to "Park Avenue" by Three Sisters for Moda.

Not only will Herb and Elaine like it, but I love it, too.  I can't wait to get my hands on some!

I dare not get it until I've decided what quilt to make.  I'm thinking of the size that gets folded on the back of the couch or at the foot of the bed, to be pulled up for a Sunday afternoon nap.

Could be stars.  Could be -- well, you knew this was coming -- baskets.  Don't know yet.

Part of the joy of this weekend will be to ponder this problem and consider solutions.  Would love to hear your ideas, too.  And, of course, I'm sitting here grinning as I wonder when Nicole is going to discover this line!  Because I'll want to get mine before she buys it all up!


Nicole said…
That is SO funny! I just bought it today!!! I got a gift certificate for my birthday and was waiting for this group to come out. I am going to get started on my project as soon as I get the fabric--probably next week.
Jo said…
That fabric is yummy!
GreenFairyQuilts just showed a quilt on her blog that she quilted for a customer - Butterscotch Tart by Fig Tree - I think it is a perfect match. But then, I don't think you could miss with this line:)
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
It's so pretty, I love it too! Whatever you make up with this line of fabrics will be stunning.
Gretchen said…
This is a beautiful line! Star quilts are always a great choice.
Anonymous said…
I've always loved Three Sisters fabric. Each line has so many fabrics and they coordinate well with lines from previous seasons, so if you start a project and let it sit for a year (not that I would EVER do that), you can still find fabric that fits right in.
As for what to do with it, if you're up for more baskets, what about my Basket Case quilt? It's basically just block 1 from the BOM, with a few twists and turns in the setting to create the alternate pattern.
Barb said…
Ohhhhh yummy fabric...I love it and I am sure the recipients will also love it! I am partial to stars, but baskets are always a good choice too. How could you go wrong with any choice with that line of fabric...soooooo pretty! Have a great weekend!
Susan said…
Oh, no!!! Just when I had decided not to buy any more fabric. This is just too pretty to pass up, so I'll also be looking for a pattern and sending off that order.
Denise in PA said…
Yes, Park Avenue is yummy!! I think any pattern would love lovely in this fabric group. 3 Sisters does it again!
I saw this fabric in person this weekend :) and it's lovely. You better decide soon - I bet it goes fast. blessings, marlene