Something Fishy

When I was in Richmond at the time of Nate's birth, I bought a charm pack and a yard from the Odyssea line with the plan of making a little quilt for the little boy.  I just loved the fabrics!  When I got home and into jacket making, I wished I had enough of the fishy print to make a little jacket.

Finally I have the flimsy assembled and I'm pleased with it.  I think I'll tie it with brown floss and bind it with brown fabric and get it off to its rightful owner as soon as I can.

Speaking of whom, here he is in his jacket.  Which is just gorgeous with his blue, blue eyes.  And it will likely fit him for approximately one more week.

So perhaps a fishy jacket in the next size is going to happen after all!  Am headed out to Lancaster County in a week and a half and I'm hoping that Log Cabin shop will have some Odyssea.  If not, I imagine I can find it on line.


altar ego said…
As I contemplate baby quilts/covers for the younguns in my life I can never decide on a pattern. Then here you go with something this simple and it looks fabulous. Huh. I might be able to pull this off after all!
Diana said…
He looks adorable in that little jacket!
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Love that little quiltlet, as well as the fabric line, it's sure winner. The pic of Nate in his jacket is the sweetest, what a precious little guy he is. Yep, jacket #2 should be started without delay. ;)