A Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Thursday Evening:  I certainly didn't expect the day I got today.  Nor did Joe.

His was filled with a client problem / misunderstanding, a costly scratched drum on his copier, and a faulty airconditioner in his office.

Mine included a total of about an hour on the telephone trying -- in vain -- to resolve a medical insurance issue and speaking for upwards of 30 minutes to someone who -- you guessed it -- was probably in Calcutta judging from her accent.  Repetition was her strong suit and I matched her as best I could.  Ultimately I ended up speaking to a genuine American person at Medicare who was pleasant and helpful and she broke the news to me gently that Aetna was, indeed, able to commit the atrocity they were attempting against me.  Oy.  On top of that, there were a couple of very unpleasant surprises at work, things I certainly didn't expect -- nor did my coworkers.  It was just terrible, horrible, etc., etc.

I came home and figured it was such a dreadful day I might as well go ahead and pay the bills, a task I always deplore. 

Twice, now, since I began writing this post, "Internet Explorer has stopped working" and shut down.  I wasn't surprised.

Anyway, we consoled each other at dinner and I pointed out that this awful day would be over in just a few hours, and I didn't think anything else bad would happen.  Joe nodded in agreement.

And then walked into the bedroom and stepped in a pile of cat vomit.

I give up.


Unknown said…
(((Hugs))) - hopefully you got it all over in one day

(word verification: ophypo(! add your own punctuation as required) - an expletive to be used when stepping in the aforementioned cat vomit)
Anonymous said…
Oh Nancy. I hope that your day from H___ is over and the sun shines your way today.
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Alexander has nothing on you two.
Anonymous said…
I used to work with a woman who kept that book her her desk, so whenever she was having a day like that she could read it and remember that it isn't just her, and things will be better tomorrow. Even if it means moving to Australia.

And I've been there with the cat vomit - usually at 2:00 in the morning when I'm barefoot.
old hippy chick said…
Cat barf is always a special way to either begin or end a day.
Sherry said…
No cats here! So I am one step ahead of you. Just remember...this too shall change...and keep plugging away one step at a time.
Lurline said…
Sorry your day was SO bad - but must say loved and laughed at the finale!
Hugs - lurline♥
Ohhhh Girl.....your not alone!!
Yesterday the reservation service that we use for the state park decided ...on their own....to change all the prices on our camp sites.....YYYYYAAAAHHHHHH!!!!....no one could confirm "who" gave them the authority to do that!!!!....Needless to say..."it was a **#@@&^ FUN DAY!!!

Nancy said…
Oh...my favorite book! I just had it sent to my granddaughter! At 4, she was the perfect age.

Sorry about the day. It seems that you might have had it all out in one day and now it's over.

We have had school budget cuts in our district that has resulted in a lot of cuts. Our last child graduated this year, so he won't be affected, but what is the state thinking by cutting the one essential to our future? Our children!
Deborah said…
Hope things get better!
altar ego said…
You deserve a big cup of woe joe to bring back your mojo--whatever flavor suits you!

Been there, as you know, and it will come around again. If it's any consolation oxy-clean is a wonder at cleaning up vomit. I've applied that to two spots today myself!

Here's to a better immediate, if not long-term, future!
Linda said…
Just breathe!
Lurking Linda
Kimberly Mason said…
That "cat vomit" thing is hilarious, even though this is the second time I've read about it, I STILL laughed out loud. I feel your pain, girlfriend, I sure feel your pain...but I still find it funny! :P
Pamela Kieffer said…
My husband always says to me "Well Mrs Lincoln other than that how did you like the play.
But wait - there's always the Spanish Inquisition!

WV - antripe: Your dinner is ready, Mr. Aardvark.
Unknown said…
Thank goodness that day is over and gone, I hate days like that!Here's hoping your past couple of days have been fun filed and fancy free and no more cat vomit.
Tanya said…
The stepping into cat vomit is often how I BEGIN my day. Talk about wanting to go back to bed!