101 Concept Update

I think  I gave Amanda Jean credit for the 101 projects made from scraps idea. I think I did. If I forgot, please go here and read up on the concept. It isn't my brilliant idea; it's Amanda Jean's.

Since I wrote about the idea on my own blog, a couple of people have written to say that they, too, are going to do it. Hooray!

One of them wrote that she thought it would be nifty if those participating had a button to put on their blog. At one point, I knew how to make a button. And I bet I could do it again. So I went looking for a 101 graphic and this blue one is the best I could find. But it doesn't inspire me in any way at all.

Then I tried a little harder and looked a little farther and found this gem. Which seems to be custom made for me. But it's combining two totally unrelated concepts. Which could be confusing.

Is anyone out there capable of designing a terrific looking 101 that we could turn into a button? If you are, can we talk?

Oh, and if designing a graphic for a button isn't your particular bag, perhaps a little treasure for your 101 Scraps Project might strike your fancy. Here's an excellent tutorial for the cutest of all possible needle books.

Okay. Now I need to get back to my travelogue. Because the next stop on our trip was . . .


Janet O. said…
I personally like the cow/101--seems appropriate. : )
That is an awfully cute little needlebook!
Quiltdivajulie said…
I love the cow 101 ... if we use it, should we link to Amanda Jean's post or to your post?
Quiltdivajulie said…
Update - I used the Cow 101 and linked to this post, which in turn links to Amanda Jean's through your link. That way, the cow makes perfect sense!