Only 100 to Go!

Earlier I wrote about my admiration for AmandaJean who decided to use fabric scraps to make 101 projects. I vowed to do the same and invited y'all to join me.

Someone wrote asking how I proposed to log everyone's ideas and projects.

I don't.

This project would fall under the category of Independent Study. It isn't a Grand Scheme involving lots of record keeping and cross referencing. I'll be posting my 101 projects and keeping a list of them on a spread sheet. Y'all can create your own plans. If the notion really catches on, I might create a list of links to participating bloggers. I might.

Anyway, here's scrap project Number One! A far-away person has a birthday and I bought her wonderful goodies from Bath and Body Works -- I think consumable gifts are very good gifts -- in the "Stress Relief" flavor. I don't know whether or not her life is particularly stressful at present, but I really can't think of anyone at all who wouldn't appreciate having her stress relieved.

I have to mail them to her and I didn't want to just put them in a carton. So I found this nice decent-sized scrap of butterfly print fabric and cut it about this wide and about this long (showing with hands!) and folded the bottom up to make it boxy and sewed the side seams to about 1-1/4 inch from the top and then pressed and stitched the top down to make casings. I had some great purple batik and just cut two strips of that and threaded it through the casings and then knotted the ends together. Viola! Everything fits inside just right and now I can put it in a small carton and send it off. No, I didn't line it. This wasn't intended to be a bag to cherish and re-use for all time. It was just a gift-wrap and if she finds another use for it or regifts it, so much the better!


Smart cookie! When I think about the volume of fabric I have in my studio I just get a little overwhelmed. A gift bag or two (or twenty) would make a dent. Surely I can find the time to do that! Thanks for a great idea.
Pat said…
Love it! I have done something similar when I need to wrap something and have no wrapping paper. The last few quilts I gave as special presents were "wrapped" in a fabric bag. I am thinking that I can make good use of a lot of my old Christmas fabrics to make some gift bags.
Barbara Anne said…
Ha! "Showing hands" has the same flaw as lovely food in a blog photo without a "scratch and sniff" option!

Great idea and am sure the bags and its contents will delight the recipient. Applause!

For those with abundant fabric stashes, I must tell you about the most delightful Christmas quilt I received. It was made of 5" squares of Christmas fabrics sewn together. No duplication of fabrics and it is so much fun. I promptly cut three 5" squares from my Christmas fabrics with the intention of making 3 such quilts from my fabrics.

Janet O. said…
Oh, you made it THAT big! I see! *LOL*
It is a beautiful bag. Just looking at the pretty butterflies with the purple touches soothes my stress. Seems like the perfect start to your 101 scrap projects.
I love fabric gift bags. Years ago I purchased a ton (at least, I'm sure) of Christmas fabrics on an "after the fact" sale. Through the year I would do mindless sewing during a TV show or the news and by year's end, I wrapped everything for Christmas in little drawstring bags. Instead of the wrapping taking most of a night (and I mean MOST!), I was finished in no time--and still happy! : ) To this day I still use fabric bags for all my family gifts.
AnnieO said…
Independent Study--love that!
Quiltdivajulie said…
I really like this 101 idea . . . maybe all we need is a 101 graphic that we can post in our sidebar. No lists, no links, no requirements except to stitch!