Summer Travel, Part Three

We left downtown Venice by water-taxi for a fifteen-or-twenty-minute ride. When we got to the pier, look who was waiting for us: Royal Clipper! Our third favorite sailboat (Following WindSpirit, Joe's DaySailer, and Star Flyer)! After a wee bit of confusion, we processed in, surrendered our luggage and climbed aboard for a refreshing Welcome Drink. The Tropical bar was bustling with men, women, teens, and children, and we looked around eagerly, wondering who were going to be our friends for the next week and a half! This picture wasn't taken at the Venice pier, but later on in our journey.

Here she is with all of her sails up. Doesn't she look pretty? She holds about 225 passengers, but on our trip she wasn't full. I'd guess there were perhaps 180 aboard.

We began to scan the crew members, wondering how many would be familiar to us from the previous trip we had taken on Royal Clipper. Captain Sergey was aboard; we remembered him well from the Windward Islands trip. And dear Diana, who had been our cabin steward, although this trip we were cared for by Angel.

Before very long, we were settled into our lovely cabin.  And then it was time to go up on deck for Sail Away -- as lovely music played, the sails were raised and we bid farewell to Venice.

Our older son particularly requested photos from aboard the ship, so here are a couple more of our cabin.

Tomorrow I will share photos indoors and outdoors aboard the ship.

Our little foyer, with the bathroom door on the left.

Our tiny but elegant marble bathroom; the shower is opposite the vanity.


Synthia said…
WOW! Gorgeous cabin. Very impressive. I've never been on a cruise ship...motor or sail.
Barbara Anne said…
Should I say BLISS again? What a glorious dream come true!

DH and I love sailing but have little opportunity to do much.

Lori said…
I'm trying to top the word bliss...what about epic?!
Janet O. said…
Can I even attempt to top "epic"? How about euphoric? This looks divine to me!
LizA. said…
Now THAT is the way to cruise. Something tells me there our Norwegian Jewel next week won't be nearly as elegant...but, we will have Bonnie Hunter!