Scrap Challenge!

We interrupt this travelogue to let you know that we haven't given up quilting!

Shortly before I went away, I read this post on AmandaJean's blog and experienced a mini-epiphany! This woman is onto something! She has challenged herself to make 101 projects from scraps. No time limit. No restrictions as to type of project. No problems with multiples. No nonsense about making only projects from scraps. I left that post open on my home laptop the whole time I was

I am going to join AmandaJean in an informal way. I have made an Excel spreadsheet to log my 101 scrappy projects. Visions of pot holders, journal covers, mug rugs, dance in my head. AmandaJean shows a darling needlebook; now I just know a couple of people who might like one of those. Perhaps a smallish tote bag or two.

Whaddya think, quilty friends? Should AmandaJean and I be the only ones challenging ourselves?

Or don't you have any scraps?


Amanda Jean's quilts are some of my favorites and her book published a couple of years ago was one of the first I purchased in a very long time. Alas, at this point I am not sewing for fun but as soon as I am again, I would love to dispose of my ridiculous volume of scraps. Looking forward to see what you make!
Char said…
Thanks, I'm so busy on Instagram I missed that post. Think I'll join in the fun.
Janet O. said…
I can't wait to see what you create. It sounds like a good idea.
Barbara Anne said…
Oh, yes, I have scraps, but for the coming months up until Christmas, I have plans for projects destined to be gifts. As my sewing progress seems about as slow as Christmas, I need to keep my nose to the pleasant grindstone.

It sounds like an outstanding project for thereafter! I cannot wait to see your creations!

Patti said…
I won't commit to 101 things because I use mine for quilts! I just finished a quilt top from scraps early this week, and am well on my way to making another. I've made many quilts from my scraps - I like Bonnie Hunter's scrap saver's system.
Sarah said…
Oh I have scraps. Enough for 101 full size quilts probably! But alas no time. Maybe once my youngest begins school and if I can reduce work time a day.