Summer Travel, Part Two

On St. Mark's square, a little fellow tries to befriend the pigeons.

A shop window

We never tired of Caprese salad

St. Mark's

We ate dinner at this nice restaurant one night. An itinerant accordionist showed up to entertain.

A delightful place to stay


Looks so fantastic. that restaurant is so idyllic!!
Barbara Anne said…
Oh, what bliss!

Gretchen said…
Is it true that the sunlight in Venice is amazing? It looks spectacular in your photos, especially St. Marks. How wonderful!
LizA. said…
Your photos really capture the essence of Venice, I feel like I was right there with you....
Janet O. said…
Love the little one sitting with the pigeons. : )
Ah, an evening in Venice with a street musician to set the mood--what a wonderful experience.