Alternate Plans

While I was away, our group of quilters received the not-unexpected-but-unsettling-nonetheless news that White Oak Bed and Breakfast, the home of our semi-annual quilting retreats, had been sold. Helen and I had anticipated this; the proprietors are getting older and one of them has some health issues. But we thought we would have perhaps another year or two. Not to be.

On my return, we got to work doing research and have picked a place to try this autumn. It could be the first of a couple of tries or it could turn out to be our permanent retreat site. We'll see.

Meanwhile, the group had agreed that on Friday night of retreat weekend, we'd swap some blocks. The parameters were kona black background, 12" finished, with cool color "read solid" batiks. I chose Double Pinwheel and as of this morning, all nine are finished! The swap will yield me nine different blocks of those specifications. I'm thinking I should make a few more individual blocks, as nine won't add up to a very big quilt.


Anonymous said…
So sorry to hear about the White Oak. I have such fond memories of my stays there with my quilty friends.
Kathy B
Char said…
Sorry about White Oak. I hope you find someplace just as wonderful. I love those blocks!
Janet O. said…
I gather the new owners are not planning to host retreats.
Those blocks are so pretty. I love black with cool colored batiks. I'm interested to see what you get when you swap.
Have you seen the book Circle of Nine? Beautiful quilts made from 9 blocks. You do make other blocks, but the settings focus on the 9.
Barbara Anne said…
What a shame that such a delightful B&B won't be available for quilting retreats. Do you suppose the new owners might reopen it as a B&B? Hope the newly chosen venue is every bit as wonderful as White Oak has been.

I love the blocks you chose to make and swap fabrics! Do you have a clue what the three triangle unit is called? Of course the 2 triangle unit is a HST and the 4 triangle unit is a QST. I think I've never heard a name for the 3 triangle unit but I love to make them.

Ms. Jan said…
I'm so sorry to hear that. Rob and Carol are such dear people. I hope all goes well for them.