Summer Travel, Part Eight

The next day found us at Kotor, Montenegro. This town was heavily walled and one of the activities people engaged in was climbing and walking along the top of the wall.

I passed.

Kotor was probably the poorest port that we visited, and there were more beggars there than we had seen in other ports. We walked around for an hour or two, taking in the sights.

The gate to the walled city of Kotor, Montenegro.

Kotor Alleyway.

Kotor Home -- who's that handsome visitor?

A church in Kotor.

Another church, totally different in flavor, and showing damage to its frescoes.

Doors, Church Two.

Keep Kotor Clean!
No one seemed to know what this was, but deep down I knew it was a Quidditch disaster.

And then it was back to Royal Clipper, because we had another port in another country to visit the next day!


Janet O. said…
Interesting place--never heard of it before.
LOL on the Quidditch disaster! : )
Jindi's Cottage said…
Definitely Quidditch gone wrong, very very has certainly been an interesting travelogue so far, where to next!...
Barbara Anne said…
How interesting! I had noticed how clean everything - including that alleyway - was before reading the sign about keeping things clean. They're doing well at it.

Can you just imagine how many centuries the gate in the wall has been in use and how many people have been thru it before you two arrived?

A Quiddich mishap for sure - what a hoot!
Anonymous said…
Definitely Quidditch related.
Quiltdivajulie said…
Quidditch disaster -- very funny!!