Summer Travel, Part Four

Assorted Scenes aboard Royal Clipper

Breakfast and lunch were served buffet style, with a different theme for the lunch each day. In the morning there was an omelette station in addition to hot and cold offerings at the buffet. Lunch usually included a carving station.

Sometimes the lunch buffet is served at the Tropical Bar on the main deck.

Lunch always boasted at least six desserts. And they were good.

Dinner was served beginning at about 7:30 in the evening. Around 7:00 we'd make our way to the Piano Bar where the menu, in three languages, would be posted.

Then it was fun to match the sample plates to the descriptions!

The Piano Bar is a lovely and inviting space. I like to stretch out on the couch to read. I had loaded my iPad with several books before leaving home. The Piano Bar was a favorite gathering place for the [extremely well-behaved] teens and pre-teens who were aboard. They played vigorous, but quiet, card games, and practiced their acts for the upcoming Talent Night.

On at least two occasions, passengers were offered the opportunity to climb the mast. Here goes Joe up once again!

I'm not much of a sailor myself, but I always enjoyed watching the folks who man the sails. There is a certain beauty in their work.

One day the passengers were offered the opportunity to go out in the tenders to photograph the ship under full sail. A group of the deck hands posed for this shot.

Okay, we're safely aboard the ship, unpacked, well-fed, beginning to find friends. Life is good. But where are we going?
 I'll tell you tomorrow.


LizA. said…
How absolutely beautiful. I'd say this is my dream perfect vacation!
Barbara Anne said…
Okay, that settles it. Next time I'm travelling in your luggage. Is the max weight still 44lbs like it used to be? Dearie me, that will take some doing.

This SO makes me wish I didn't have to hide from the sunshine due to lupus. Bother! Otherwise, it would be my dream vacation, too.

Is making a Storm at Sea, Mariner's Compass, or Ocean Waves quilt in your near future?

Janet O. said…
I have no idea of the destination, but what a way to go!!!