Summer Travel, Part Nine

After a very relaxing day at sea with no port stops, we came to the island of Corfu, Greece. We caught a cab from the harbor to the downtown area, and walked around.

It was a very pretty city, and more of a city than most of the other ports we had visited. Restaurants and shopping areas were abundant, and there was more variety in the stores. Olives, kumquats, soap, and ouzo are specialties of this island, and they were everywhere in the shops.

A lovely arch just inside the city area.

Colonnade in Corfu; there were tables and chairs for refreshments.

One of the main shopping streets in Corfu, where Joe saw a skilled thief at work.

While in Corfu, we had a great adventure! As we walked along the shopping street, some young girls beckoned us into their shop. It was a Fish Spa! We'd never heard of such a thing. Everywhere, on countertops, in the window, and on the floors, were tanks with small fish. The shop proprietors enticed us further. First they washed our hands with anti-bacterial soap and asked us to remove our jewelry (which we kept safe and close at hand). Then we each put our hands into a tank and tiny, toothless fish swarmed around and nibbled at our fingers and hands, helpfully removing all of the dead skin! It didn't feel creepy at all; in fact, it was relaxing. When the "treatment" was over, our hands felt smooth and lovely.

At dinner that evening with our British friends, we spoke of our incredible adventure and Kristina was dismissive. "Oh," she said, "We had those in Britain and they have all been closed down due to health hazard! People were getting infections!" We felt properly chastened. Fortunately, no signs of infection developed.

Goodbye, Corfu! Where are we off to next?


Quiltdivajulie said…
Our DIL encountered the fish spa while traveling in Asia a year or so ago. She said the "spas" were busy, but they passed on the opportunity.

Me? I'm not a fish person.

Guessing the full day at sea WAS relaxing!
Janet O. said…
This looks like a beautiful stop!
I think I would have tried the fish spa, too, just for the unique experience--if I didn't know about the infections. : )
Barbara Anne said…
What a beautiful place! I've never heard of a fish spa so that's my "learn something new every day" achievement!

This anniversary trip was certainly a glorious adventure for you two!

Annemiek said…
We have fish spa's even in the tiny town i live in! Not health hazard reports here, so don't worry:)
You do see/travel a lot. I spent my summerholidays in Italy and "do" Rome in a whole week and a fortnight in Tuscany. You seem to cover all of Europe (and beyond) Wow!!
Jindi's Cottage said…
Definitely somewhere fabulous!...what a great spas in Asia have been shown on some of our TV travel shows but for the feet not the hands, the reporters always reported favourably...I think the shop you visited were certainly taking care of hygiene, sad that someone has to be dismissive of your positive experience...
LizA. said…
What a wonderful vacation--I'm enjoying visiting all your ports of call through your wonderful travelogue.
Anonymous said…
I'm loving your blog! my husband and I and some of our relatives will be on this same cruise from October 5th for 10 days and so your remarks are very helpful to me in planning our shore excursions.
Please add a blog at the end saying what you would do differently the next time on this itinerary. Thanks!